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President Biden Sends Immigration Bill to Congress

On day one, President Biden wasted no time in sending an immigration reform bill to congress. The bill provides as follows: Allows undocumented individuals to apply for temporary legal status, with the ability to apply for green cards after five years if they pass criminal and national security background checks and pay their taxes. Dreamers, […]

Trump Issues Deferred Enforced Departure Memo for Venezuelans in Last Day in Office

Late in his last full day of office, former President Trump issued a Memorandum granting Deferred Enforced Departure to Venezuelans who were present in the U.S. on January 20, 2021. This announcement, requested for over a year, comes as he leaves office. The intent behind the prospective timing is questionable as it immediately caused a […]

EOIR Fee Increases Enjoined by Federal Court

With just before the rule became effective, District Court in Washington, DC enjoined the most parts of the EOIR fee increase on a nationwide basis.  Accordingly, fees will stay the same for the following applications, motions, and appeals: BIA appeals from IJ decision (EOIR-26) BIA appeals from decision of DHS officer (EOIR-29) BIA motions to […]

Acting Attorney General Issues New Decision in Matter of A-B-

The Acting Attorney General issued an opinion to provide additional clarity on asylum cases involving applicants who claim persecution by non-government actors on account of an applicant’s membership in a particular social group and remanded to the Board to issue a new opinion consistent with this opinion. Matter of A-B- 28 I&N Dec. 199 (A.G. 2021) Matter […]

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